Pallet Truck Maintenance

We provide an advanced maintenance programme to protect you against equipment malfunction or failure that could cause disruption to workflow and production and potentially lead to downtime in your business processes with the resulting possible knock on effect of loss of revenue. As a complete maintenance provider, Forklift and Pallet Truck would like to partner with you in shouldering the burden of equipment maintenance, through a regular scheduled servicing and maintenance programme. Our proactive approach, based on experience and the old adage “prevention is better than the cure,” teaches us that preventative action is better than fire fighting in the event of sudden equipment malfunction - it is too late when equipment failure happens - it is much wiser and more cost-effective to pre-empt such unforeseen disasters. The solution is to actively avoid such disruptive challenges to your business workflow - as the maxim claims, “ forewarned is forearmed”. Our maintenance plan does that for you - it frees you from any anxiety and uncosted expense arising from an unexpected machine failure event and allows you to concentrate on what you do best - running your business.

Our customer services support extends to covering all your equipment service and repairs requirements. We have an excellent mobile service and support team that can respond quickly to emergency call-outs and attend immediately to unscheduled maintenance requests, supported by a parts and spares department that carries a comprehensive range of parts, spares and tyres for Forklifts and all our other lifting and handling products. We provide this support service to ensure the smooth daily operational status of your Stackers, Pallet Trucks and Handling Equipment, keeping detrimental machine downtime to a minimum.

Forklift Hire Dublin

Our hire service supplies equipment that fills any gaps arising from machine failure in your business, with flexible hire periods that can be extended on request to meet your evolving needs. We are very amenable in accommodating all your equipment hire requirements and will ensure you suffer no business downtime arising from potential machine failure.

Our Company ethos is succinctly underwritten by our mantra, “your business is our business”. We place you the client firmly at the centre of all our operations, ensuring you choose the right piece of equipment that is most appropriate for your business needs. Through a close customer-centric working partnership with you, we can guide and help you to make an informed purchase decision that will give you the best possible sales, maintenance, hire and repairs support service.

Forklift and Pallet Truck will always be there to advise through every step of your equipment purchase journey and to keep your Forklift, Stackers, Pallet Trucks and Handling products operational during their lifetime cycle. We will ensure your business does not experience any needless downtime or potential revenue loss due to equipment malfunction.

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